Background: Having worked in over 15+ countries with large global clients in multiple industries, Mac, our founder, decided to pursue his passion to deliver what is right for his clients and be proud of the work.
Formula2GX founding principle is to only engage in work which is differentiating, clients will love to talk about and feel proud of for years to come. 
Mac, has worked hands-on in digital in his first start-up and with GatwickAirport, Consulting leaders like Accenture Interactive & Deloitte, Solution Integrators like TCS, Capita, HCL and multiple creative agencies. 
This experience gives Formula2GX the firm foundation required to deliver on-par or better outcomes as established players, at costs typically 40%-60% lower than established players. 
Formula2GX has access to many companies in different geographies allowing it to make any digital journey much easier for a client. 
Try us, if you don't like our passion & purpose, we will close the shop. That's our founder's personal guarantee! :)
Thank you for your requests. We will respond to you shortly. Have a lovely
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