Question on my mind: Everyone is engaged in some sort of projects under wider #DigitalTransformation Initiative, but not much of a game-changing impact is visible. 
What are we missing in our multi-million transformation programme across the enterprise value chain?
Formula2GX Offering: Independent evaluation of existing programme including existing digital partners, business benefits, overall strategy & enterprise solution architeture review (if technology led). Tangible recommendations to fix any identified issues & gaps including recommendations on new disruptive opportunities to go after.
Question on my mind: From essential digital projects to advance concepts such as Automation, IoT, Blockchain. AR/VR/MR, AI (Data science, Machine Learning), every day I am hearing people implementing one thing or other. 
Which of these areas will deliver differentiating business benefits to our domain as opposed to just engaging in costly me-too-digital projects with no clear value?
Formula2GX Offering: 1-3 months of engagement to create actionable roadmap across the value chain (or specific functional area). Recommendations will include proofs-of-concept and agile projects which will start delivering value in less than 6 months as opposed to complex 3-5 year roadmap programmes
Question on my mind: Every week, I get approached by so many new start-ups, technology providers, software solution & platforms. Technology is moving so fast every day, every week.
Which companies do we allow entry in our company, partner, acquire or choose to implement ideas ourselves?
Formula2GX: 6 weeks to 10 weeks engagement (global or local geographies) to help you define the right use-cases and find potential partners to not only address existing problems but also identify longer-term partnership including new opportunities integrating with your internal eco-system.
More to come...
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