Mac is currently taking speaking engagements only on pro-bono basis for events such as schools, universities and start-ups/innovation hubs. Any other category of business, feel free to reach out:)
In past 20+ years, Mac was fortunate to work with industry leaders in multiple geographies and areas of business (both Business + IT). He was also fortunate to get free training learning from his peers and leadership.
Mac now wants to give back his knowledge to people who are keen to learn new things every day.
Hence there is ZeroCharge for such service. Feel free to tweet me @MacKarlekar or drop me a note. 
Other than himself, he is happy to look into his network of experts who may be inclined to do so too.
Only charge he will take is a promise that you will pass on the learning opportunity to others around you whenever you find it  on zerocharge basis too ! :)
Mac has also been involved as Judge for different digital competitions and may be interested in helping people in this area too.
Love you all! 
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